Thursday, September 25, 2008

Well, I Did It

I bought my airline tickets for winter break/MLA. I'm zigzagging across the country on a 3-city tour, flying in and out of obscure airports at my end and my mother's--and yet I somehow got all the tickets I need for only $750! Not chump change, but not as disastrous as I feared. (Yesterday, in fact, the lowest price I could find was $811. I wasn't able to buy it at that moment, and I had all kinds of panic--those "Only 1 ticket left!!!!" notices were everywhere--and yet?)

In fact, I just had a little panic attack and had to go verify that I hadn't accidentally bought a return ticket for December 30, 2009, or something.

So hey, I'll be at the big stressfest, and hope to see some of y'all there! (And if anyone needs a roommate, I'm available! Is that pathetic? I don't know. Whatever. There it is: my desperate plea to the internets.)

I still haven't reserved a hotel room, though. Or paid the registration fee. Or renewed my membership for next year. Feh. That'll all have to go on a later credit card bill.


Flavia said...

I will be there with 85% likelihood (and have already registered and booked a hotel room, because I'm anal like that). I may have only booked a single bed, but if not (or if can get changed, or a cot, etc.) am very very willing to share if my friend who has expressed a vague intention of going doesn't make good on her first dibs on said room.

In sum: book a room when you've got the bucks, to be on the safe side. . . but let's be in touch?

heu mihi said...

Definitely! And in either case, we'll have to get together--it'd be good to catch up!