Sunday, September 28, 2008

Boring Sunday To-Do List

Because I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and I need the accountability:
  • Read/skim half of a book for The Book [DONE--or will be by bedtime]
  • Type up notes on book read last week [DONE]
  • Type up notes on article read last week [DONE]
  • Finish reading other article
  • Grade 5 composition papers (I'm doing 5 a day until I'm done--no binges this year! Because 32 comp students is a luxury after last semester's legendary 57!)
  • Grade Middle English translations
  • Figure out how I'm going to grade Middle English translations (better do this one before the preceding)
  • Read and prep for comp [DONE]
  • Prep for the survey
  • Read for Tuesday afternoon class
  • Make yogurt [DONE]
  • Finish making granola (i.e. put it away) [DONE]
  • Get laundry on the line [DONE]
That doesn't bad. Is there something I'm forgetting? Most assuredly!

Edited to add:

Oh, and also:
  • Write up prompt for composition paper [DONE]
  • Revise and finish mid-term prompt for senior class [DONE]
  • Make food items for this week's lunches: [DONE]
    • split-pea soup [DONE]
    • cucumber gazpacho [DONE]
    • baked tofu strips (great protein snacks for the days when I'm stuck on campus) [DONE]
    • salad dressing [DONE]
  • This also requires a quick trip to the store [DONE]
  • Swim [DONE]
ETA (2): Okay, so, I have not done 5 out of 21 things, and I am now very tired. Note, however, that of the 5 things that I have not done, 4 are for class, and will therefore get done sooner or later. I was very intelligent today and put off all of the things that I have to do in a very short time, meaning that I actually got through the things that I ought to do but that were not pressing. I'm pleased with this system. And the world will not end if I wind up returning all of my papers--gasp!--a week after they were handed in. (Didn't I used to strive to hand back papers in only a week? When did 2-5 days become my hyperefficient norm? eh?)

In other news, I have a lot of mosquito bites. They itch.


ortho said...

Your "to do" list makes me feel anxious and uncomfortable.

Good luck!

heu mihi said...

And I, in fact, *am* anxious and uncomfortable. Correlation?