Sunday, September 21, 2008

In the Interest of Accuracy, and a Question

I have now actually read through all of the reviewers' comments, and I have some real work to do. There wasn't much in there that surprised me; the readers seemed to pick up pretty well on the weaknesses that I already knew I had (and that I was hoping could just slide on by under the radar. Alas, the radars are more powerful than I had given them credit for being).

So I've made a long list of things to do, with some ideas for how to tackle all of the problems. I hope to finish it this semester. We shall see. For I teach 5 classes, remember. (One of which is only 50 minutes a week, but still.)

My question is this: How do I now list the MS on my CV? It was "under review by [press]," but that's not truly accurate anymore. However, I don't want to just take it off the CV, since it received a very positive review and the editor added remarks to the effect of, "We look forward to being able to publish this book" and "It's clear that this is a book that we should publish." So what's the protocol here? Is it "in revision for [press]"? Is that even a thing? What's the language? Help me, internets! For the job app due dates loom in the not-too-distant future, and I really want this sucker on my vita.


ortho said...

Would a change to "under consideration," be appropriate?

I'm not sure. I look forward to reading other suggestions.

Good luck with your teaching, revising, and job searching!

Dr. Crazy said...

I'd say "under consideration" wouldn't be appropriate because I would take that to mean that they were currently considering it.

It strikes me that what you've got here is basically the equivalent to a revise and resubmit, and it would make sense to list it as such. "under revision for [press]" could just mean that you were revising it before you sent it to them. By listing it as a revise and resubmit, that lets people looking at your cv know that the press has already sent the manuscript out for review. That's my thought anyway, for whatever it's worth :)

squadratomagico said...

This is a toughie. I think you need more than a two-word phrase here. I'd go with something like, "Under revision per readers' reports, Excellentissimus Press. Expected resubmission date, January 09."

This gives the important information that you are past the stage of initial readers' reports, and that the press is still interested and expecting a revised manuscript. Giving a date for the resubmission gives a sense of how extensive the revisions are, and exactly where you are.

Dr. Crazy said...

Yes, what Squadratomagico said! I just couldn't figure out how to put it (or was too lazy to do so) :)

heu mihi said...

Oh, thanks Sq! That makes sense--no need to cut it down to only 2-3 words, right?

Hi, Ortho! I've seen you around here but I don't think that I've greeted you properly. Thanks for reading!

Notorious Ph.D. said...

I like Squadrato's solution, too. People know what this means (R & R), but it shows that you've *done* something, that you have a decent response, and a plan for action.