Monday, June 9, 2008

Trying My Hand at RBOBoring

Yeah, I know. This blog has become rather boring (if it wasn't already). But--from my perspective, at least--it's kind of nice: no job market trauma or student-related drama to report. (I thought about trying to avoid that internal rhyme, but I'm too lethargic to pursue alternate phrasings.)

So what's been happening? Let's see:
  • I'm trying to get my rather raggedy and pathetic little yard into better shape. I have a small garden, although, owing to a) a broken sewer main that brought a backhoe plowing through the yard and b) an onslaught of small nibbly critters [I've resolved this problem with chicken wire], the garden has been christened the Garden of Despair. It is not wholly without hope, however. It looks like a couple of the tomato plants are going to make it, and a bunch of green beans just popped up; I also have chives, lemon mint, and lemon balm (the most useful of all herbs, I know. Why didn't I plant basil or something?). The peppers are clearly dying, though, and the peas have yet to make an appearance. I also planted four strawberry plants but I don't think that I'm going to let them come to fruition; they need to concentrate on getting established and expanding a little bit first.
  • So much for the garden. I've been working on the yard, too. I planted a couple of pussy willow branches, which are growing lots of delightful little leaves. I love plants that just regenerate from their own branches like that! I also spent hours--yes, hours!--on Friday reseeding the lawn, using nothing but a little three-pronged claw and a bag of grass seed. My hands still hurt, but I covered all the major bare patches and, with luck, will soon have something resembling a stable ecosystem rather than the Weirdly Sticky Mud Pit with which I have been contending. I'm also aggressively encouraging the weeds by going out and watering them, too, when I water the rest of the production.
  • Soon, my pretties, I will enjoy cool "weekend beverages" (in the words of one of my freshmen) out in the yard. I also need some outdoor furniture for that purpose, however.
  • And oh yeah, work? Right, because I'm so productive? Like I said in that last post?
  • Right.
  • Okay, but actually I just swapped one of my chapters with the Minister (in exchange for one of his articles), and we might have given one another productive feedback. At any rate it appears that this chapter is less boring and baffling than I thought it was.
  • The chapter is still somewhat boring, though. Perhaps it is simply the case that some things aren't all that interesting? And that that's okay? Perhaps?
  • Oh, and the CAR! Yes indeed, I'm buying my dad's/stepmom's car. So I have done the following Highly Adult things:
    • Got an insurance quote.
    • Took out a modest loan from the bank.
    • Purchased my insurance.
    • Received the title and bill of sale from my folks (which didn't so much involve doing anything, but I did have to wait around one morning for FedEx).
    • Gathered together all of my identification.
    • Planned to go to the DMV today.
    • Discovered that the local DMV is closed on Mondays.
    • Rescheduled my DMV trip for tomorrow.
  • So this way I can have the car registered, with plates and everything, before I pick it up at the end of the month/beginning of July. Huzzah! Another 2-day cross-country drive! With gas prices in excess of $4/gallon! All cry out Hurrah!
  • And finally, I went to church yesterday. Because the Minister, who is not usually a practicing minister but rather is a professor, was preaching. I do not normally go to church. Like, ever. I wasn't raised in a religious family. In fact, I have (what I think is) a rather uncomfortable relationship with religion, which I will not discuss at this time (although perhaps a future post on the issue would be in order, since it relates in weird ways to my intellectual interests and orientations). Anyway I was very self-conscious going in there, since I actually know people who attend this church and therefore felt conspicuous, but another friend of mine turned out to be there out of friendship for the Minister, so it was a less fraught experience than I feared it would be. And he did a great job, saying some pretty interesting and challenging things in a very commanding way, yet not without humor, and, in the end, I enjoyed it.
  • Hm. I'm discussing my garden and going to church. I have been assimilated by the Field. (From East Coast Urban to Rural Midwestern in only 10 months!)
That's it. My boring life. It's largely pleasant, though, when I'm not feeling guilty about the whole Not Working Enough thing.

(Yes, this pretty much negates that last post. Big surprise.)


medieval woman said...

Hee, hee, heee....."I have been assimilated by the Field" - I just thought about Children of the Corn: "HE WHO WALKS BEHIND THE ROWS!"

Glad things are pleasantly boring but good! Going to MLA this year?

heu mihi said...

Don't know. There are...uncertainties. And also it's expensive. But it's entirely possible (and I'd love to see San Francisco!).