Friday, June 13, 2008

Birthday's over. Back to work. Seriously.

Thanks for the birthday well-wishing, one and all! It was a good day. The weather was gorgeous (after two days of HOT and one day of rainy, I got lucky). I went to the DMV and am now the proud possessor of a Field State driver's license, with possibly the worst picture of me ever thereupon. Seriously, I look like I just killed three people and I don't care. And also I have this weird kind of hippie thing going on with my fluffy hair and gauzy shirt.* So I'm like a hippie axe-murderer who is resigned to having just been caught. It's awful. Think the lead character from Monster (which I haven't seen, but I have seen the cover in the video store. Yikes).

[*I don't look like a hippie, not normally. I don't know what was going on that morning.]

I also got my license plates! All I need now is the car!

I think that Tuesday was pretty much the first weekday of summer vacation when the DMV was open (it's closed on Mondays), so I got to see lots of kidlets come to take their road tests. It was pretty cute. Even the obviously "cool" kids were pretty subdued and quiet; nerves ran high in the room that day. And they were all there with their mothers (I guess the dads had to work), but even that didn't seem to trigger any evident sarcasm reflexes. No, they were all quiet and solemn, filling out their forms in their enormous tennis shoes, and it was really sort of adorable. Until I thought: Good god, these outrageously young children will now be driving. Yikes. How did I feel so old when I was 16?

That was that for the DMV. Later I had dinner with the Minister, who is an amazingly fantastic cook eager for any opportunity to display his skills. May I just say, strawberry soup?

But now, alas, it is back to the grind. I have to do the following:
  • revise chapter 4 yet again and enter the revisions (this chapter will not die! Why does it suck so much? Why do I repeat myself so often? Why is the topic so boring? What on earth is my point?) (I am, perhaps, exaggerating somewhat; I do in fact have an argument and have cut out some of the redundancies. But the above is how I feel every time I look at these pages);
  • revise chapter 5 (underway, and it's in much better shape than its predecessor);
  • send out proposals to 4 more publishers (= target for this week);
  • write up a short description of my new admin gig so that I can get my contract changed (been due for like a month);
  • order books for my comp classes, for the love of God;
  • buy a plane ticket to go get the car and visit a handful of people;
  • acquire some mulch for the garden;
  • admire the grass that has begun sprouting, thanks to my reseeding (it worked!!);
  • swim;
  • write an article?
In better news, yesterday I moved into the office across the hall from the storage closet to which I was consigned this past year. I now have a window! Clearly, an exponential increase in my productivity will result from this splendid change.


Hilaire said...

Wow! Hooray for a windowed office!! It makes such a difference...

I love that you looked like a killer hippie in your photo. Like you, I sometimes end up looking like a hippie even though I'm not one at all. It's a little disturbing!

Sisyphus said...

Huzzah! How _is_ strawberry soup?

I'm glad to hear other people having the same shittiness with revising chapters as I do ... really, no, it's not schadenfreude, just that sometimes I feel everyone else writes so easily and only I suck. So, good. (or bad, whichever.)

good luck with the exponentially-increased productivity!

And you don't have to answer this, but with the sending out of book manuscripts and an article, are you planning the marketing again this year?

heu mihi said...

I'm glad a) that I'm not the only inadvertent hippie, and b) that others get bogged down in revisions, too! Sigh. Misery and bad photographs love company, don't they?

Sis--I don't know, actually. I was initially (as in back in February, and especially pre-break-up) committed to going back out on the market next year. But I'm starting to think that, even if I don't want to spend my whole career here (and there are reasons that I don't think that I do--mainly because I'd like to be in a place that gave SOME support to research, and also because the $$ here is quite terrible, to be honest--as crass a motive as that is), I might hold off on moving on. Because there are good reasons for me to stick it out for a while at FC, too. Whatever I end up doing, though, I want to push myself along research- and publication-wise this summer, because if I don't, I'm afraid that I'll never do it again.

All of this is the subject for a future post, actually. I haven't quite figured out what all I want to say about my situation yet, though, which is why it hasn't come up.

heu mihi said...

Oh, and strawberry soup? Awesome. And not too sweet, either (at least, not prepared in this way, which I think TM made up).

What Now? said...

Congrats on the windowed office (which makes life so much more worth living!) and on the productive plans for the summer.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Oh. Revisions. Gah. I have two months to finish mine. Keep us updated? I like to know that I'm not suffering alone.