Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jobs I Have Had

To distract myself from my hideous gas bill problem, I'm going to follow Belle's recent example and list all the jobs I've had. (Belle's list is far more impressive, though.) For context, I'm 32 and worked for 3 years before grad school. Oh, and I'm leaving off the high school babysitting gigs and various paid house-/pet-sitting that I did after college, because those weren't real jobs.
  • library page in the children's section of the public library (filing hundreds of teeny tiny books! I was 14; I hated it. Lasted 2 months)
  • mucking out stalls in the neighbor's barn (she had somewhere between 4 and 6 horses; I can't remember the exact number)
  • cashier/watiress at a pizza place (almost 2 years, in high school)
  • temp, which led to a sort of data-entry position at a company that burned data to CDs (back in the very early days of CD-ROMs)
  • salad bar tender in the college cafeteria (I only lasted 3 weeks; I used to go into the walk-in cooler and cry. I have no idea what my problem was that semester. Eighteen-year-old self-absorption, perhaps?)
  • receptionist at a software development company (one summer)
  • cashier at college pizza joint
  • receptionist at some kind of telecommunications company that received, in the summer that I worked there, no more than 5 business-related calls; I apparently spent most of the summer keeping my bosses guessing about my sexual orientation (not deliberately--on my last day I learned that that had been a major preoccupation)
  • pizza chef at same college pizza joint--this was a major promotion from the previous year's cashiering (with a tiny raise, as I recall)
  • low-paid intern at a nonprofit specializing in establishing connections between environmentally and economically sustainable businesses
  • barista at a coffee shop
  • shift leader at said coffee shop
  • manager at still the same coffee shop (six months after starting, baby--how's that for career mobility?)
  • artist's model (did this in addition to other jobs for about two years)
  • occasional worker for a sort of catering company--I arranged flowers for a drag show once, and one time had to be a "bouncer" (best way to describe it) at some yuppie's afternoon birthday party
  • assistant editor for a publisher specializing in trade journals for the pharmaceutical industry: I copy-edited an annual reference guide to drugs in development, and it was hideous
    • after 10 months, my hatred for this job led me to quit and go to Europe
  • worked in the hip-hop/Christmas music section of a Borders bookstore
  • faculty assistant at a business school
And then we're in grad school! Where I: TA'd, was an editorial assistant for a journal, and adjuncted once. Then the VAP and now the tenure-track job.

So there you go. That was kind of fun.

Anyone else up?


dance said...

Mine is coming soon/tomorrow morning.

Belle said...

It's an amazing exercise; I had no idea people would even be interested, but I'm now cruising blogs looking for same.

I need a life.

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