Monday, April 7, 2008

I suppose it's time I tell you

I've been putting this off, but it's time I break the news:

The Boyfriend and I broke up last week.

I'm not going to go into detail; there's no reason. Obviously this is related to the unbloggable mess that I was blogging about a few weeks ago, as anyone surely could have guessed. The upshot is that it's sad, we both behaved well, and it was amicable. It's sad. But the relationship--I hate to say this, but I have to admit that it's true--had grown impractical. There was virtually no way we could ever end up in the same place; best case scenario would have us together in two years minimum, and that would only be if we could both have our pick of fabulous jobs, which never happens. (This is more than just the two-body academia problem--believe it or not, his career trajectory is even more complicated.)

So I don't need lots of pity. I'm okay. Of course, I've barely seen him in the last three (or even eight) months, so it's not really a change day to day. And I've had plenty of time to process this over the last month, so really, I'm okay. I'm not even blaming academia anymore.

There. Done. Let it never be blogged of again.


Hilaire said...

Hey, you, I'm sorry. Not pitying. Hugs to you (even though I know you are okay!) :)

medieval woman said...

Well, shit. That sucks, Heu. No pity, but hugs!

Dr. Virago said...

That both sucks and blows. No pity here, just commiseration.

kermitthefrog said...

Oh, sorry, HM. Again, commiseration to you!

Sisyphus said...


Hugs for you. Remember to apply wine, chocolate, and long walks to the afflicted area as needed.

squadratomagico said...

Heu tibi! I'm very sorry to hear that. (Not sorry for you, just sorry to hear the news.)

Big fat squeezy hugs to you!

Flavia said...

Oh, that's rotten news, HM. Even when it's been largely dealt with, and is for the best, etc., etc., such things are still hard.

Wishing you much happiness in the next phase of your life--and all it brings.

heu mihi said...

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the support and sympathy. It was a difficult thing, and I'm sure that it'll be difficult again--these things tend to hit you at odd moments. But I've been through the hellish bit (before the break-up, actually) and come out of it knowing that I'll be okay, and that life is still good. In many ways, in fact, it'll be a lot easier.

Still. It's hard work to change the story of your future. Incredibly hard work. I'm kind of in awe of the fact that I've been able to do it at all.