Saturday, April 5, 2008

All Hamlet

As I may have mentioned, I'm doing--teaching? conducting? overseeing? not sure of the verb--an independent study on Shakespeare this semester. The student is a theater major who's studied Shakespeare before and is particularly interested in the translation of plays to film, so we've been reading plays (obviously) and then watching cinematic versions of them. Fine. So but now we're watching a couple of different versions of "Hamlet," since there are so damn many and it's a play that s/he likes a lot. Again, fine.

Only! I am evidently inept when it comes to Netflix, which means that I have fallen behind and we've had to schedule a double meeting for next week--I had to cancel a meeting when a film didn't get here on time. (Actually, it's even more complicated than that--stemming from at least three different Netflix failures--but I can't reconstruct the whole sequence.)

Which means that I have to watch two Hamlet movies this weekend.

And of course they are the LONGEST Hamlet movies.

So I get to have a seven-hour Hamlet-a-thon between now and Tuesday morning.

I watched Hamlet last weekend, too.

Is it okay to be kind of sick to death of Hamlet?


Sisyphus said...

So, are you going to watch _I Hate Hamlet_ next?


Belle said...

Can you imbibe in Danish beer to help?

K said...

When you are really sick of all the serious Hamlets, Nexflix the MST3K version of Maximillian Schnell's Hamlet, made for German TV. It is a horrible Hamlet with hilarious voice-over commentary from the MST3K guys.

heu mihi said...

Hm, these are all excellent suggestions. My motivation level is rising. Perhaps I'll even watch half of the second, 3-hour movie tonight. (I don't think that I'll finish it. I think that my student can just explain to me what's different about this version. I think that that will be a good exercise for him/her. Right? Pedagogically, this is sound? My student's best interests are at heart?)

heu mihi said...

Oh, and hi, K! Don't think I've seen you here before.