Monday, July 2, 2007

This Move is Going to Break the Bank

Did you know that movers charge extra to work on a Saturday?

Which is funny, because I'd think that most people would want to move on a Saturday.

Also, if you hire them to load a truck, many companies require a minimum of two hours' pay. So even though I only really need movers to deal with maybe 3 pieces of furniture, I might be out $300. (There's one company that might not have a minimum; I have to check. In which case, as long as they don't hit traffic coming to or going back from my house, I may manage to get their help for only $164. But they start the payment clock the minute they leave their headquarters, and don't end it until they get back! So even if I make sure that they only actually work for 30 minutes, if they loiter and take an extra 10 minutes to get back, I could end up paying $328! Good God! Why oh why do I have to keep this stupid heavy dresser that has to go out a window??) (I'll tell you why. Because it was my mother's when she was a little girl. And I got it into this building, so I have to get it out.)

Then there's the U-Haul: $164 (an odd coincidence) + gas.

Then there's the rental car to transport me from the storage unit near my mother's town to my new abode: approx. $500 + gas.

So we're talking, what, a minimum of about $900 + gas?

I guess that's not too bad; most of it will be reimbursed. But not all! Oh, why is life killing me?

No but actually things are pretty good. I've been very productive today, making lots of necessary phone calls and finishing a book that I've been meaning (and needing) to read for years. And my Scary Syllabus is almost done, thanks to Tiruncula's excellent advice! Also the weather is stunning and perfect and has been for the last 4 days. So, okay, my move will put me out a few hundred bucks; there are worse things, right?

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