Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh, the Astonishment!

This morning, I am awash in a peculiar mixture of delight and alarm.

because in less than one month, I will be teaching full-time.
because I begin moving one week from today.
because the summer feels effectively over--at least, the nice relaxing putting-things-off part of the summer.

because I actually seem to be on top of things.

Maybe I just set my standards really low, and that's how I've been able to check off most of the things on my to-do list; even the un-checked-off things, like the conference paper draft, are well in the works and should be finished before courses start. (In fact, I do have a draft; I just don't feel it's good enough to get credit yet. Soon, soon, I tell myself. I've been researching for a few hours a day all week and with luck can beef it up before I actually move. Wait--I move in a week. Who am I kidding?) (See! Delight and alarm at work, within the text itself!!!)

Yeah, so, things are strangely under control. I have two of my three syllabi; the third is supposed to be determined by committee before we start teaching this fall (everyone teaches the third class), but I'm a little nervous about it because it's a comp class, I've never taught comp, and I wish someone would just send me the syllabus already. But anyway. That class actually shouldn't require too much advance-reading time, so it'll be okay. I have a reasonably well revised draft of my book proposal, which I hope to show Advisor early next week. I've updated my CV and job application cover letter template. I still need to review my writing sample, which has changed somewhat since last year, but that shouldn't take too long, I don't think. And I might redo my dissertation abstract--wait, do I even need one? Now that I've graduated? See, those job search workshops in grad school don't tell you how to do round 2 of the job search! It's very annoying.

The move is mostly coming together, too. I'm in the Metropole, formerly known as the boyfriend's city (I decided that it needed a more concise name), until Sunday afternoon; not the best timing ever, but I had to get in one last visit before leaving this quadrant of the country. Yesterday I packed up the Kitchen Cupboards of Mystery, which actually contained far fewer mystery objects than I'd expected. I have not yet undertaken Pandora's Desk Drawers or Cornucopia Closet, which will doubtless leave me utterly boxless and panicked, but my books are mostly packed up and perhaps I'll even get everything done in time to go to one last yoga class next Thursday night. I hope!

At the moment I'm rather sleepy, having awakened at 7:30 for the last two days after not going to sleep very early, and am trying to stay awake and alert for an upcoming yoga class at noon. Wish me luck.


Hilaire said...

You are so ahead of the game, girl! It's amazing - you are an inspiration. Seriously. Good for you!

medieval woman said...

Yes, congrats on all your work! I'd love to see your book prospectus as well! Also, after graduating, I turned my 1-2 page diss abstract into a 1-2 page book proposal - I sort of gestured as to how my book might change from my diss (i.e., I'm planning on adding a chapter on X...).

Good luck!

Sisyphus said...

(See! Delight and alarm at work, within the text itself!!!)

Ha ha ha ha! I love it.

Good luck with all the packing and tackling the Desk of Entropy! And yeah, we don't get much advice for the second round either, except to say, "hey, you probably won't get a real offer on that first time out. And good luck to you on that second try! Don't keep in touch, we're done with you now!" But, hey, you did it once, you can figure it out once again, right?