Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Maybe it wasn't the loud bar after all

That sore throat I had from talking over the music on Friday night? Well, it seems to be spiralling out of control (--if you'll permit me to use such a phrase in reference to a sore throat).

I've been plagued by an irritated spot in my throat for four days now. I could just have a cold, but I feel pretty much fine otherwise. Is it possible that I developed some kind of raw spot on my epiglottis, or whatever, and that it's still healing?

It's not a hugely big deal most of the time. I just need to swallow and clear my throat a lot. But when I try to sleep, it's a whole other story--because you don't swallow when you sleep, of course. So I'll start to doze off, and then there'll be this horrible tickle, and I'll wake up choking and coughing and spluttering.

The only way I've managed to sleep for the last two nights has been by taking Sudafed (after lying awake for an hour or two, of course). Either the Sudafed reduces whatever minimal congestion is causing the throat-tickle, or it just knocks me out.

If it's the latter, this really can't go on.... But what are my options, here?


Sisyphus said...

hmm, low-level allergies brought out by the bar shouting?

If the hot-water-with-lemon-juice-and-some-honey home remedy doesn't work, try drinking that really bitter, really gingery ginger ale during the day. (not the supermarket stuff but the super gingery stuff from health grocery stores.Of course, I guess you could just make ginger tea, but where's the fun in that --- doesn't everybody need an excuse to drink fancy ginger ale?

heu mihi said...

Yum, ginger!!

Ginger tea seemed to help a little last night, actually. I've also been gargling with warm salt water--not quite as pleasant, but it helps.

(And later today I promise to blog about something not related to my health, which is boring and a little unsavory, I know!)