Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Last night I realized that I'm moving in two months. And since I'll be spending approximately half of that time in my boyfriend's city, that means that I have something like 5 weeks left in which I'll need to sort through the accumulated detritus of 3 years in the same apartment, sell or otherwise dispose of a great deal of stuff (I hope), and figure out what needs to go into storage and what's coming with me. And, oh yeah, pack.

So I've kind of started. When I move, I take a long time: I'll go through every file and folder, throwing away duplicate copies of papers and old bills and whatnot, and it takes me a couple of runs through my bookshelves and closets to decide what I really can't stand to get rid of. The system, so far, is a piling system. I have piles for

a) recycling (paper)
b) paper to shred
c) things to "donate" to my department (which means, basically, abandoning them in the TA office--hey, it's just books and the odd New Yorker; people will use them)
d) things to sell on ebay
e) things to sell on half.com
f) things to sell to other grad students
g) things to donate to the Salvation Army
h) things to leave curbside.

Of course, some of these piles are not discrete, but in fact filter into one another. So, something that I can't sell on ebay might end up being advertised to the grad student community and then wind up at Salvie's. You get the idea.

I don't like disarray in my house. I'm very neat. So the prospect of filling my apartment with piles is disturbing: however, I am lucky enough to have a big walk-in closet that I don't actually use for clothes. (Clothes are confined to the very small closet. I have my reasons for this.) So the piles are being stored in there.

Yes, it's fascinating times. Stay tuned for more posts on such exciting subjects as, Where did all my silverware go? and How badly I need new socks.


medieval woman said...

good luck with the detritus sifting! I miss that Salvie so much AND the grad student listserv! We have a TV we can't figure out how to get rid of...

heu mihi said...

They are good resources, indeed.

You must be in the midst of a totally different kind of move: you actually have to generate a new household! How's that going? Conceptually, I think it would destroy me ("you mean, I have to get *more* stuff?").