Saturday, June 9, 2007


  • My digital camera is officially, entirely broken. But it was almost 5 years old. But still, this could cause more inconvenience than I would've thought. I'm trying to sell some stuff on ebay and, while most of it's been photographed, this might inhibit my ability to sell more stuff. (That might be for the best, really--given the type of stuff I usually try to sell, posting on ebay is usually more trouble than it's worth. E.g. I just sold a board game for $3, which means I have to walk all the way to the post office and mail it. Is 30 minutes of my time (round trip to the PO) worth more than $3 (actually about $2.50, when you subtract listing fees)? Survey says: Yes.)
  • I've been working on the syllabus for my upper-level course for the fall, and frankly I'm afraid of it at this point. We need to cover a certain range of texts most of which fall pretty far outside of my field, and which aren't particularly easy. Looking online, I've found that other people have packed well more than I have into similar courses, but I can't imagine reading that much in such a short period of time. Or maybe I've grown lazy in the Fellowship Years? Maybe undergraduates are happy to read a difficult book every week? I don't know. Of course, I still haven't read most of the texts that I'm putting on the syllabus, so they might be shorter than I think they are. This is all part of the summer-of-preparations.
  • I've decided to make a blank scrapbook/album for my brother and his fiancee's wedding present. I genuinely believe that I enjoy bookmaking. But every time I make a book, I suspect--at least, I experienced it this time, and it had a certain familiar air--there's an awful lot of cursing. My back hurts from bending over the table to cut each sheet of paper into exactly the right size, things don't stick together when they're supposed to, and there is glue everywhere. Everywhere. I do, however, make pretty nice-looking books, if I may say so myself. --I was going to add that I'll post some pictures of them, but I can't! Oh well. At least that's one task off the table.
  • I am becoming increasingly anxious about my move. There are now two different ways for it to go down. The first involves hiring movers and then renting a car. The movers would take my stuff to a storage unit in GradCity, and then I would drive the necessities out to VSLACtown. (I haven't driven, by the way, in 5 years, so this alone is a source of stress.) The second involves hiring movers, renting a truck, and THEN renting a car. In this scenario, the movers will move my furniture and things into a rented truck (this is only if a moving company agrees to do this, by the way), which I will then drive to a storage facility in MomCity, and then I'll drive a rental car out to VSLACtown. The advantage here is that my stored items will be a lot more accessible than if they were to remain in GradCity, to which I will have no reason to return except to get my stuff. And my mom's place is sort of on the way to VSLACtown. But the disadvantage is that my first driving experience in five years will then be with a truck instead of the somewhat friendlier car. Oh god I just don't want to think about it.
  • Tomorrow is my birthday. What will I do?


Hilaire said...

What *will* you do for your birthday? Keep us posted!

And, happy birthday!!

Sisyphus said...

Happy Birthday!

Surely there's someone you know in GradCity or MomCity (i.e., Mom?) who could drive with you or for you and thus assuage your fears? Grad students are often very persuadable with bribings of food and beer.

medieval woman said...

Hey, hey! Happy Birthday!!! Hope it's a good one.

Have you found a place to live in VSLACtown??

Good luck with all the moving stuff and keep us posted!

heu mihi said...

Thank you! Birthday wrap-up coming soon, maybe. If I get around to it.

I *might* have an apartment, MW; not sure yet. I need to make up my mind and make a phone call. Which as we all know is a big problem for me.

squadratomagico said...

Happy Birthday ~ yay! Hope it was a good one!