Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week Two

So I pretty much rocked my goals last week. Instead of 2,000 words, I wrote 3,000! I also got the car's windshield replaced (the rest of the car stuff actually needs to wait until it's due for an oil change in a couple of weeks), finished a research-related book, copied the theses, and submitted my article--5 goals accomplished! Plus, I vacuumed (twice), did a ridiculous amount of laundry (including cat-beds and hand-washables), found and purchased some acceptable bras, attended a wedding, and played with Bonaventure quite a lot. We got him a tricycle at a yard sale yesterday (it's pink and purple, with little streamers on the handlebars), so there's been a lot of watching him while he scoots down the sidewalk.

I'm tempted to ratchet things up this week, but I'm not going to do it--that's the quickest way to failure, as I know from long, long, LONG experience. Therefore, this week, these are my goals, by category:

  • Writing: Make sure that my argument is actually present in the chapter that I'm drafting, then do a once-over through the whole chapter to get a feel for where it's gone most seriously off the rails. (I'm almost at a point where, while I'll still need to write, I'll need to cut a lot, too, so I'm not going to worry about word count so much right now.)
  • Reading: Get through another research-related book. Finish my fun novel (might do that tonight, actually.)
  • House: If I'm up for it: Paint the breakfast room and basement stairs. I reserve the right to put this off, though.
  • Crafty: Finish binding Bonaventure's little book.
  • Exercise: One real, actual yoga session. (Maybe some little ones scattered in throughout the week, too.) (And I'll attend my usual class on Sunday, unless something intervenes.)
All right. That sounds good. Or it will tomorrow morning, when I'm sufficiently rested to contemplate work; it's been a rough few nights with Bonaventure. Here's hoping for some sleep.


Good Enough Woman said...

I think you might be more productive than anyone I know--in a good way. You get so much professional work done, but you also make time for things like yoga, knitting, cooking, and community involvement. Maybe you need to give us a blow-by-blow analysis of how you do it!!

heu mihi said...

Wow--that's really high praise! It doesn't always feel like I'm particularly productive. I think that my "secret" is that I do a lot of things quickly and sloppily. Maybe I need a post just to dispel the myth that I'm getting a lot of quality work done!

Dr. Koshary said...

Meanwhile, I'm blindsided by the fact that Bonaventure is big enough to ride a trike now. They grow up so fast, even when you only know them through their mother's blog!