Saturday, May 10, 2014

Week One

So! No, I haven't actually deactivated this blog. Nor do I promise to write regularly in the future. But I had the idea early this morning (I think) to use it to keep myself organized with my eight million summer projects, and today was graduation, so here goes.

I--probably like many academics--get way too ambitious every summer. It's like I have this idea that, if I just finish all the projects, I can totally relax and not work anymore, ever. Clearly, that is not the case, especially since I'm constantly coming up with new projects (work- and leisure-related). I've been this way for a long time: When I was about twelve, in great excitement over the coming summer, I wrote out a detailed weekly schedule for myself, which included things like going to swim practice, playing video games, reading, and working on these puppet videos that my brother and I used to make. When I had finished it, I had a moment of blank despair: It was like summer was already over and it hadn't been any fun. I didn't look at the schedule again (and had a lovely summer).

However, I haven't learned my lesson. A partial, but not complete, list of my summer projects includes
  • fix everything that needs fixing (e.g. car windshield) and clean everything that needs cleaning, including the garage
  • put paving sand between all the bricks on our 60' brick sidewalk, which involves first digging out between all of said bricks (we've done about 10')
  • finish the chapter of Book 2 that I've been working on this semester
  • finish and submit two encyclopedia articles (these have deadlines, so they'll get done)
  • read for, outline, and roughly sort-of draft the Framework chapter of Book 2
  • 3 syllabi, including one totally new course (developmental comp)
  • the Year Two portion of Bonaventure's baby book
  • various knitting and bookmaking projects
  • make a lot of paper
  • finish A l'Ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs
 My plan, I think, is to think weekly. Maybe try for five things per week? Thus, for Week 1, here's what I'd like to do:

  1. take care of car stuff
  2. photocopy Honors theses (thus ending my 6-year term as director of the honors program)
  3. read 1 research-related book
  4. write 2000 words
  5. submit first encyclopedia article (due 5/15)
Also: Possibly try a new yoga class and do some of the work on that brick walk. (Like how I made five tasks into seven there?)

That seems...I don't know, doable? Right now, it's the brink of summer, and everything seems possible. On the other hand, I look at my list and I have that summer's-over feeling which is so terribly sad. I must remember the other goals: Spend time with TM and Bonaventure, read for fun, take naps, eat well, eat outside, visit friends and family!


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of five things per week! My problem with this approaching summer is that I don't know exactly what I want to accomplish except for the un-fun things, like clean all the things, and so that overwhelms me, and I'm afraid I'll get nothing done at all. But just doing five things a week -- totally do-able, and leaves time left over for fun things like eating outside.

heu mihi said...

Assuming, of course, that I can stick to five! As soon as I'd posted this, I thought: And wash all the hand-washables, and clean all the floors, and dust, and and and....

Sisyphus said...

Ha!!!! Yes, I so know this feeling. Except I should be in the middle of grading still, so I don't even get to make my lists yet. Alas.

I do have quite the stack of fun reading piling up! Whoo-hoo!

After the grading and the tallying and the graduating, I will figure out my various 5 Things That Must Be Done.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Looks like a plan! I, too, have a summer free of travel obligations, so it's Apply Butt to Chair for me. And having my mojo back means I'm back to blogging, which also means I'm back to reading other people's blogs. So I'll be reading, at least.