Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What will I do today?

In addition to yardwork, I have a very long list of things to do this summer. One of the blessings of academia is the summertime. The curse, however, is that we (I?) plan to do everything that occurs to me all year long during the summer, which can make for its own breed of stress.

Research and writing:
  • I want to finish and send out this article on G. I've drafted it, but it needs some contextual underpinnings. I'd like to send it out by August 1.
  • Review this 800-page book I volunteered to review. 800 pages!!!
  • Get about 90% of the annual bibliographic essay done. I think that I'm at about 60% right now.
  • Draft a presentation for a colloquium in the fall; this should be pretty easy.
  • Think in some kind of serious way about that sort of book-like project that I'm kind of sort of planning. What's the first step, though?
School stuff:
  • Get my syllabi in order. I only have one new class this fall! I don't think that I've ever had fewer than two new preps before--unless you count that anomalous semester when I only taught two classes.
  • Read the one book that I'm teaching and haven't read before (I read the others earlier this summer).
  • Get course packs together.
  • Revise and reprint the Honors program handbook.
  • Clean up some files.
Crafty things:
  • Finish knitting my shawl--I'm almost done!
  • Knit an afghan.
  • Finish a pair of socks (and probably start another one).
  • Make paper and bind it into journals for Christmas presents.
  • Sew three new curtains for the kitchen (I did one over spring break, and it looks so lonely in there!).
Housy things:
  • Organize some files and whatnot.
  • Um...the house is in pretty good shape, actually.
Fantasy career things:
  • I have a novel that I would like to try to get published, for real.
  • I have a few short stories for which I'd like to do the same.

    I don't actually want to be a creative writer; it's too weird and exhausting. The truth is that I really like working with people (who knew?); I also find that being absorbed into a story of my own creation, while exhilarating, is also really draining and disorienting. So I don't include this category of projects because I want to move out of academia--I don't. What I would like to do is to try to move some of my better stuff out into the world, so I don't have it hanging distantly in the background of my mind forever. I love me some closure, I do. And if it doesn't get published, at least I'll have tried.
All righty! What'll it be today?

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Sisyphus said...

I totally fell off my knitting habit when I moved here. You should post pics of the shawl!