Monday, June 27, 2011

What Makes Me Blog

I've been aware that I needed to post for a long time. I think that I've had ONE post in the last month? (Traveling with family, visiting family, having family visit = not posting. I don't blog when there's a chance that my parents will catch me. And then I just got lazy, and then overwhelmed by the non-blogging, and the cycle continues.)

But I'm posting now, because...I'm grading!

Yes! I have a paper from the FALL that I'm about to start reading. I know. It was a very legitimate and not-begrudged Incomplete (family health emergency, all kinds of awfulness), so I harbor no ill will towards this paper. Or the student, for that matter, whom I like very much. But I have had the paper for three weeks and have not been able to bring myself to open it. Now, it is open. Now, it WILL BE GRADED.

The awful truism of grading: One paper is harder to grade than twenty. Why is that?

And now that the ice is broken, perhaps you'll hear more from me this summer!


J. said...

I look forward to your posts and wondered where you had been :) Hello again :)

Earnest English said...

I'm grading too. Or will be shortly, after I find a zillion and one ways to procrastinate.

Sisyphus said...

Yay, she's blogging again!

You *could* post more updated house pics if you want to procrastinate more... (says the girl who is procrastinating by designing everybody else's house)

Anonymous said...

It happened to me that I have been traveling with my family and I haven't checked my e-mail or blog for long time. The only thing that I check is safemeds community.