Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break Tally

Number of items on the to-do list: 46 (I thought it was 48, but then noticed that "Dry cleaning ready" and "3:00 check-in" [at the B&B] were on there, and they don't count, especially since "pick up dry cleaning" was a separate item).

Number of items completed: 44.

Number of laments that this is how I measure the success of a break: None yet, but I bet that I could give you one if I were to keep writing.

So I'll just stop here.

[ETA: I mentioned this to TM. His response: "Forty-six? Are you insane?"]


Good Enough Woman said...

Ditto what TM said.


In addition to reading, working, laundry, vacationing etc., you probably also made yogurt or cheese, yes?

I've always been impressed by your productivity.

heu mihi said...

I've never made cheese, actually. I'd like to some day, I think. Maybe.

Yogurt is actually super easy--it needs to sit around for a long time, but the labor involved is a) heating milk, b) reading a book while milk cools, then c) whisking cooled milk into yogurt starter. Easy peasy.