Saturday, March 13, 2010

Revise, Revisen, Revose

Classes resume on Monday. I have had a productive break (despite a cold, and despite two days in Interesting New Northern City). I have, for example:
  • Done lots of laundry.
  • Finished a 656-page Russian novel (which meant reading about 500 pages of it in the last six days).
  • Made notes on all but the last section of said novel.
  • Had my car's oil changed and the car itself washed. Why, in God's name, did I not go to our local drive-through car wash earlier? Seriously. $5, plus $1.50 for the vacuum (our vacuum's not working so well), and my car no longer fills me with embarrassment and/or dismay. Interesting New Northern City notwithstanding, the car wash is the exciting discovery of Spring Break 2010.
  • Read three vitae and taken notes on all of the stuff that I've read for my revise-and-resubmit.
  • Read and commented on an Honors thesis.
  • Finished knitting THIS:
    Isn't it ever so cute? It's for my brother's forthcoming baby. My obliging model is Banjo the Bear. I am totally making another one for my own kid if I ever have one; maybe by then I'll be better at buttonholes.
But one thing I have not done, and that is work on my R&R. I have, as I mentioned, read for the R&R, and even taken notes on the things that need adding. But there's something horrible about starting back in on a piece of writing. Once I'm in it, I'm in it, and things will go for better or for worse, and I'll feel good about myself for working on it etc. But right now, I can see no payoff for taking the plunge. Gah gah gah gah gah.

Perhaps I shall spend a few more minutes cruising the interwebs, then print off the notes that I'll need, and the damn thing again. (It doesn't help that previous revision attempts on this article have resulted in horror. Yes, horror. I have been reading a Russian novel; it is impossible that I not awaken in horror every so often right now.)

Oh, and I am also going to eliminate the Productive Procrastination possibilities. I am not allowed to do any of the following until I have at least read through the article and given it some thought: 1) take notes on the last section of Russian Novel; 2) read fucking Jekyll and Hyde for the 800th time; 3) type up last year's notes on J&H; or 4) open the email containing the other Honors thesis. There. That ought to do it.


Phul Devi said...

Hey, is Jekyll and Hyde good? Never read it.

And: I love that baby sweater! Adorable! Do you think you could knit a cephalopod?

heu mihi said...

J&H--yeah, it's pretty good. This is just the 3rd consecutive year that I'll be teaching it, so even though it's short (40 pages in the Norton, so about 60 in a normal book), I'm not wildly excited.

As for cephalopods, I...don't know. But now I want to. Where could one find a pattern, I wonder?

Phul Devi said...

I think a knitted cephalopod would be a Very Good Thing.

Sisyphus said...

Such a cute little sweater! I have been Having Fun with Hats.

For free or cheap patterns of all types possible, you could go on --- just be warned that it is one of my favorite procrastination sites: social networking plus knitting! Be afraid, be very Afraid!

But if you do get a Ravelry account, I'll pass along my user name and you can see my hats. (Nothing complex --- I haven't finished any of those, but I did a bunch of simple ribbed ones.)

Good Enough Woman said...

I love, love the baby sweater. SUCH awesome colors, and such fantastic buttons. I love buttons.

I haven't knitted a cephalopod, but I have knitted an insect larva (i.e., caterpillar) and a bunny.

On my to do list for my spring break (in a few weeks): read Jekyl and Hyde. I haven't read it in years, and I've never taught it.

Again, really cute baby sweater.