Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Other than feeling like my brain is banging around in my skull, I think I'm feeling better. Of course, we'll have to see how the walk to school feels--fatigue seems to be my other major symptom.

Staying home sick, while nice in that it does not involve going to work, otherwise sucks. By 3 pm I was bored, grouchy, and lonely, and my body was aching with inactivity. So I'm back to campus today--in part because I only have one class and an office hour. I can handle this. Class might be pretty weak, though. I'm working up a group discussion topic.

I keep thinking that the semester is almost over, but it isn't. Six weeks down; nine to go (not including spring break). In 10 days, I leave for vacation.

I haven't told you my spring break plans yet, have I? Oh but they're good ones. I might save it.

Man this is a boring post. Sorry. I'm just putting off prepping and washing the breakfast dishes--always a good reason for subjecting the Internet to my aimless typings!

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