Tuesday, February 24, 2009


There are many ways to take the following anecdote, but I've settled on the most personally flattering.

Provost candidate is on campus. My chair is chairing the committee. They're having an informal chat the evening of the candidate's arrival, when Candidate says,

"I've been reading about your faculty. Tell me about this Heu Mihi."

Chair says that yeah, I'm pretty great. Natch.

Ze names my undergrad and graduate institutions and says something (again, natch) about how awesome I must be. What is someone like me, hir point is, doing at a place like this? And how do they keep me around?

Chair agrees that this is one of the challenges that the college has to face--figuring out what kinds of support new faculty (me and others like me, e.g. TM) need to be happy here.

Candidate agrees that this must be a priority.

So either this is hugely complimentary--that the candidate singled me out for accolades--or a pretty shabby statement on my job market success/lack thereof.

(Of course, all ze could have gleaned from my blurb was where I went to school and my two accepted/published articles; I can say without bragging, though, that I might stand out a bit on the website--few of our faculty have significant referreed publications, and most went to graduate schools more or less in the area. And also, Candidate is an Englishy type, so it makes sense that ze would've looked at our deparmtent more closely. Nonetheless! I remain flattered. And of course I now think that the candidate is awesome, too: proof that the system works.)

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dance said...

NOT a statement on your job market success/lack thereof. We ALL know, everyone, especially people at provost level, that the market is such that SUPERB people are at less prestigious colleges.