Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm so linear

For a reason that I can no longer recall, I recently took my ipod off of Shuffle. So now when I listen to an album I listen to it straight through, in the order that God--er, the artist--intended.

This gives me a feeling of tremendous virtue.

Perhaps I'm wound even tighter than I realized.


ortho said...

So, what have you been listening to?

Right now, in my mp3 player, I have the following on random, shuffle repeat:
1. Little Joy's "Little Joy"
2. Pit er Pat's "High Time"
3. Stereolab's Chemical Chords
4. +/-'s "Xs on Your Eyes"
5. Deerhunter's "Microcastle"

heu mihi said...

The funny thing is that I haven't even been listening to stuff that I particularly enjoy, but just albums that a) I can work to (which usually means no English lyrics) and b) I'm not totally sick of (e.g. the Gotan Project--my God, every hipster cantina in NY has that album on continuous loop!). This week I was all about this Mussorgsky album, and frankly I'm not a big Mussorgsky fan. Last week was better--some Miles Davis and Duke Ellington. But I think that I need a vacation just to re-hip-ify myself.

In less hectic times, I do like me some David Bowie and El Perro del Mar, along with a panoply of folksy types.

ortho said...

Hi, Heu! To continue your re-hip-ification process, be sure to visit Baudrillard's Bastard daily! :-)