Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am, I am, I am Superman

In a refreshing break from bitching about how much work I have, I am going to attempt to stir up envy by saying just how much I got done this weekend.

(Yes, it's obnoxious. Consider it therapeutic positive reinforcement. For me.)
  • Graded miscellaneous oddments.
  • Read EVERYTHING for the coming week's classes!
  • Prepped for tomorrow's comp classes (still haven't prepped the survey, but that's what 6 am is for).
  • Spent a good few hours each weekend day working on the Fatal New Chapter of my book. I actually have a draft now, and even imported the stuff from Old Conclusion into it (though it needs to be much better integrated). I also rewrote the last paragraph of the conclusion. Reviewer 1 was right: It surely did suck in its original form.
  • Swam my weekly 2k.
  • Made: Vegetable stock, granola, bread (I'm making an Irish soda bread lately--it's super easy and uses up the buttermilk left over from when I make butter), butter, split pea soup for this week's lunches, and a bok choy thing for dinner last night that has at least one good helping remaining.
  • Went to the liquor store and the grocery store and had a nice lunch out in Ordinary City with.
  • Cleaned the bathroom and did laundry.
  • Decided that vacuuming could wait until next week.
  • Figured something out for the Honors program--actually I'd thought this would be a big hassle, but it only took like ten minutes.
  • Looked at the hotels for MLA and decided to make up my mind tomorrow (besides, I need my roommate's travel dates.)
  • Did I mention that I read everything for the coming week's classes?
  • Got about halfway through the book I need to review this month.
  • Made up a handout for one of Tuesday's classes.
  • Balanced my checkbook and paid a couple of bills.
  • Fixed lunch for tomorrow.
  • Raked the yard.
  • Pollinated the jalapeƱo.
  • I'm serious about that last one.
I think that I've finally grown accustomed to the 5:30 wake-up I've been forcing upon myself. So this weekend, even, I got up early-ish and was productive--well, okay, on Saturday we somehow slept in until like 8, but then this morning the Minister's alarm went off at 6:30, but I was already awake, and I was at my desk and working by 7:45. It's not just that getting to work early gives me more time to do things, but rather how deeply impressed I get with my own productivity. Wow! I tell myself. It's only 10:15, and I've already done 2.5 hours of work! And then I think of all those chumps still lounging about at their breakfasts and I issue a scornful laugh. Ha!

Truth be told, though, I have about one of these weekends a semester. So thank you all for letting me indulge in my short-lived gloating.


ortho said...

Congrats, Heu Mihi! You no longer make me feel claustrophobic & anxious. You now make me feel jealous! I envy & covet your efficiency! :-)

undine said...

I read your post, thought "she's so right about the 7:45 start," resolved to do it today . . . and didn't: there was too much department work to get through. Thanks for being a conscience, though.

Hilaire said...

Wow, woman! That's unbelievable!

(You make your own butter??)

heu mihi said...

Ortho: I am so glad that I no longer make you anxious. My effect on your anxiety level has been making ME anxious.

Undine: Well, I start work at 7:45 on weekdays...and somehow don't manage to be particularly productive. Committees and teaching are more disruptive types of work, or something.

Hilaire: Yes! Butter-making is easy. I get my milk by the half-gallon from a local organic farmer ($2/week); there's always plenty of cream, so I just toss it into the blender for, I dunno, 5-10 minutes, then drain it (saving the buttermilk for culturing and then baking) and rinse it a couple of times. Once the water comes out clean, you put it on a plate and rub it with a spoon to squeeze out the rest of the water, and there ya go! Way cheaper than BUYING organic butter.

I am very proud of my current dairy system. I have contemplated a whole post on this very matter.

Maude said...

WOW! kickin ass and taking names. i love it!! keep it up!!

ortho said...

Hi, Heu. I'm sorry I made you feel anxious.

Your dairy system sounds fascinating. I would love to read a full post on it.

What Now? said...

I too would love a dairy post, and a bread post for that matter, but I'm really chiming in to say that I'm all about self-congratulations as a tool for productivity -- self-admiration is very encouraging!