Friday, May 2, 2008

This Week in Numbers

  • Papers graded: 82
  • Final grades assigned: 82
  • Instances of plagiarism: 5
  • Failing grades for plagiarism: 4
  • Failing grades on papers (not in courses) for plagiarism: 1
  • Disputed failures for plagiarism: 2 (so far)
  • Disputes in which my ruling was upheld: 2
  • Disputes in which I was overruled: 0
  • Students who brought parents into my office unannounced when called in to meet with me about plagiarism: 1
  • Bouts of unwarranted personal sadness over students' plagiarism: 1
  • Bouts of rage over students' plagiarism: 2
  • Beers drunk last night: 2
  • Campus interviews conducted: 2
  • Offers extended: 1
  • Offers declined: 1
  • Batches of new interviews scheduled: 1 (batch)


Sisyphus said...

Yuck ick yuck about the parent thing!!!!! Seriously, people, quit with the hovering and let your kids figure out how to grow up.

And keep your chin up --- you are almost to the end of the crap, heu mihi!

PS, depending on what the field is, you know, _I'm_ unemployed at the moment...


Belle said...

Yeah. I hate when parents show up, determined to stand up to the mean prof... I usually take refuge behind privacy concerns, and make the parents stay outside.

I'm known as the meanie of the department. Chin up; you're out for the summer!!! (right?)

medieval woman said...

them's some good numbers!