Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Going Dark

I'm going to be offline--or at any rate, off blogger--for the next few days. Actually, it's more likely to be the next week, since I'm reluctant to blog from my mom's house.

Here's the scoop:

Tomorrow I'm flying out to Parentland. I'll be with various parents until next Wednesday, when Mom and I embark on a two-day road trip. In a U-Haul. Did I mention that I'd be with my mother?

Actually, it should be pretty enjoyable. We'll stop over in Undergrad Town on Wednesday night, where I'll be meeting my UG advisor for drinks. Then we'll arrive in Field Town on Thursday afternoon--hopefully not too late--and unload the truck into my adorable new house. The Minister has agreed to help, and we'll also have some assistance from the Homesteaders if they're in town that day.

(The Homesteaders are my new landlords. One of them--let's call him WriterBoy--is a colleague of mine, although he's leaving for another job in the fall. His wife should more properly be called The Homesteader, singular. She: converted their car so that it would run on vegetable oil; bakes their bread; sews their daughter's clothes; made their daughter's shoes; sews all of their curtains, bedspreads, etc; builds cabinets and shelves; gave birth at home without a midwife. She is generally outrageously impressive. Oh, and she's also finishing up her Ph.D.)

Anyway. I am very much looking forward to being moved in. Remember last summer? How all I could talk/think about was my upcoming move? Yeah, that's kind of how I've been lately. At least everything is pretty much all packed up here and ready to go. Now I just need to pack my wireless router! So the next time you see me, I'll be blogging (or reading blogs) from my very sunny yellow new living room.


medieval woman said...

Have a safe trip!

Can a car run on vegetable oil??

What Now? said...

Happy (and safe) moving!

Hilaire said...

Yay!! Have a great trip - and enjoy the feeling of moving into your new home!