Monday, March 31, 2008

I Am Truly An Adult. Well, Half An Adult.

For I am (probably) buying a car. I will take out a tiny little loan and everything.

So why only half an adult?

Because I'm buying it from my dad.

Hell, it makes things easier, and it's a nicer car than I could afford otherwise. Besides, there was seriously like no chance of my ever buying a car unless one fell into my lap like this. I mean really. Didn't I go through this same rigmarole of indecision last spring/summer? And look where it got me: schlepping my ass to the IGA with a canvas bag every weekend and begging airport rides from all and sundry. Not that I'll stop walking--I like walking--but it would be nice to be able to buy milk AND flour AND ice cream in the same trip, rather than determining what I'll eat that week based on the cumulative weight of my groceries.


~profgrrrrl~ said...

Congrats on the car purchase. I, too, like to walk, but I remember what a huge difference it made for grocery shopping.

Sisyphus said...

So, which half of you is adult? Har har har.


dance said...

I didn't start driving until after my first year of grad school. It took me a good six years to stop abusing the ability to go the grocery store three times a week at any hour of day or night. Longer than that to stop feeling powerful when I walked to a car, keys swinging.


What Now? said...

It sounds like having a car will make all the difference in your life there in the Field. You were really isolated in a lot of ways this past year -- do I remember correctly that there were issues about not being able to go to yoga classes and things as well as the pain of going to the grocery store? -- and having transportation may make it much easier to have a good life there. Congrats.