Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wine + Britney + Revision = Happy

It's 38 minutes to midnight on a Saturday; I've had a couple of glasses of wine but am not drunk; "Toxic" is on the iPod; and I'm revising the intro to my dissertation. Weird combinations can yield positive results. This feels good: I need to get back to work.

Last week was kind of an emotional maelstrom, for a lot of reasons, most of which you know. But this weekend is bringing some peace. Life is better this semester, in a lot of ways that would likely continue to improve if I were to stick around for a bit longer (e.g. I have a friend or two), even if TB is too far away for my taste (but I just bought my spring break ticket to the Other Side of the World, hooray!). But above all, I need to do my work.

Right. Like that thing on the blog header says. Do thi werk, eh? Maybe the 14th-c. spelling threw me off.


Hilaire said...

That is such a revelation. This happened to me about ten days ago...I started some research, and I was like, "Oh yeah!! This is what makes it all feel better!"

Why do we continually forget this key to our happiness?

Belle said...

See the post about grading mill/hell.