Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Like a man

Well then! I don't know about the rest of you, but nothing cheers me up like a vaguely offensive form letter from my alma mater.

It starts out well enough, addressing me by my full-on pedigreed title. Of course, they're the ones who awarded me said title, so they should know. "Dear Dr. Mihi," it begins. Blah blah--offering services--blah blah. Sentence 2 is where it gets interesting:

"We recognize that--like a man--a woman needs life insurance."

Oh! Like a man, you say? Why, that makes it all the clearer! Thank you for recognizing that! Hey! You recognize that women, too, might have people to support? People like--as you make clear in the next sentence--a husband, parents, or kids. Maybe even other relatives. And that life insurance is one way for a woman to "keep the home that she's made" with these family members? Huzzah! How enlightened!

I realize that this letter might be seeking to address real issues; it wouldn't surprise me if women were statistically less likely to get life insurance, or whatever. But know your audience, people. This is from a seriously liberal doctoral-granting institution; feminism is hardly dead on this campus. Certainly not among its doctoral students. And even when addressing less-feminist women, do you need that "like a man" in there? Can't you just say that women need life insurance? Or something?

I may be overquick to judge. But really. This letter cracked me up. Like a man! I'm going to be using that all week. But that's enough blogging for today. For--like a man--I need to eat my dinner.

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squadratomagico said...

This letter hits the sweet spot between obnoxious and hilarious. Those are always sort of fun!