Saturday, January 19, 2008

What's in Store

I present you with the first batch. (I had my students attach an in-class pre-writing to their papers; hence the ragged edges.)

For those of you who were curious about the numbers:
  • 3 sections x (avg.) 20 students = 60 comp students
  • 1 section x 25 students = 25 survey students
  • 4 short papers + 3 drafts + 4 final papers = 11 comp papers
    • 10 comp papers x 60 comp students = 660 comp papers (I miscounted last time)
  • 4 short papers + 1 midterm + 1 final = 6 survey papers
    • 6 survey papers x 25 survey students = 150 survey papers
  • 660 comp papers + 150 survey papers = 810 papers
I've been so excited about this semester's syllabi and the students (who seem like a good bunch thus far) that I'd forgotten all about this part of teaching. Yeep. This is the semester in which I experiment with typed comments, methinks; my hand won't make it otherwise.

In other news, there haven't been any bird pictures on this blog for a while. Here are some geese that I photographed in the fall. I'm really fond of this picture, which I only just downloaded from my camera tonight. I like the way that the birds are captured in flight between the two trees.


Sisyphus said...

At least you have a pretty blue bowl. And highly interesting wallpaper.

On the bright side, you will be too buried in grading to angst about the lull for the job stuff. Good luck!

(maybe get a rubber stamp with the words "where is your thesis?" on it?)

heu mihi said...

I've actually toyed with the idea of producing a whole series of stamps. "What's your thesis?" would be one. Others would be:

-"awkward" (I'm so sick of the sight of my handwriting on this one)
-"cite your source"
-"page #?"
-"In this paper, you clearly summarize ______, arguing ______. Your argument would be stronger, however, if you further developed __________." (Okay, this would be a really big stamp.)

Other suggestions? I'm sure I've thought of more--they just aren't coming to mind quite yet....

(And I [heart] my kitchen wallpaper!)

wil said...

Lovely photo.