Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow day!

I'm 31. And still a snow day is just as fabulous as it was when I was 8. Long weekend!

--And this is an extra good thing because my inability to think beyond the current work week has, once again, led me into some real trouble in terms of getting ready for the next. At least now the stuff I had prepped for tomorrow (what little I've already done, anyway) will last through Monday. And I can think about getting ready for my Field College campus interview. You want to know what's weird? Having to schedule a formal, all-day interview at the college where you already work, with the people you see and talk to every day. Yep, they're even taking me to breakfast.

ETA: Annnd if you guessed that I'd spend my extra evening off getting drunk and watching movies, hooray! You win a cookie! Much like one of the cookies that's slated for my immediate consumption!

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