Monday, October 15, 2007

Oy. Just...oy.

I have done very little writing today (relatively speaking), and yet my hand is all cramped up and achy. This is making it even more difficult than it would normally be to muster the strength to grade any of the 24 remaining papers from last Wednesday (I got through 6 this evening; the target is 8. Modest, yet undoable).

I also just had one of those moments where you start to read the next paper on your pile, decide that you're in no way strong enough to make it through that particular paper, and shift it to lower in the stack. Once I start down that path, the productivity outlook is bleak indeed.

I spent most of the evening feeling gloriously on top of things. But that's only because I'm stubbornly refusing to think about the things that I have to have done for Wednesday and beyond. Readings for the two different preps on Wednesday? Not done. Reading for Thursday? Not done. Don't even ask me about Friday. Oh, and right, I'm supposed to have a prompt for a major paper ready by class tomorrow! And I have meetings for most of tomorrow morning! But this is work that can be postponed; they don't have to be done by dawn tomorrow, after all. Hours and hours of potential work-time remain. So long as I get up at 4 am, that is. (Or, realistically, 6.)

Also, I discovered today that it'll cost me more than $500 to fly home for Thanksgiving. Which means that I might not be flying home for Thanksgiving. This pains me greatly, although I have to admit that the prospect of two fewer days in airports this semester is not terribly upsetting. A whine: How come I'm always the one--the only one--in my family who has to travel for the holidays? Obviously because I'm the only one who lives far away from the rest of my family. Nonetheless, it sucks mightily.

Ugh ugh ugh. Maybe I'll call it a night. I haven't really had dinner; does ice cream count? How about if I eat it with TV?


~profgrrrrl~ said...

Re: thanksgiving -- can you fly out early on T-giving day? I've done that in the past and it's been really cheap. No one wants to fly then, but I love it because the airport is emptier than you would believe.

Sisyphus said...

Keep ya chin up!

(And go eat something! First questionable tofu, then ice cream .... you need to eat healthy enough to keep up your strength. Me eating on your behalf doesn't seem to work. --- I eat for two anyway, though. heh.)

Belle said...

Traveling on the holiday is a good idea. So is ice cream. And pie.

heu mihi said...

Unfortunately I can't travel *on* Thanksgiving because my Thanksgiving plans involved going back and forth between two groups--the boyfriend for Tues night/Wed, family for Wed-Fri, then the boyfriend Fri-Sun. Landing on Thursday would throw that out of I'd need to get a ride to the airport, which could be a problem. And tickets for that day are still almost $400. But enough of all that!

Tonight I will eat a sensible dinner. (In all fairness, I had an omelet at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon, which was why I didn't particularly want a serious dinner last night.) The ice cream turned out to be a good idea, though.

undine said...

Eat good food. Eat good food with TV.

I have done the thing you describe: moving a paper I can't face to the bottom of the stack.