Friday, October 26, 2007

Long weekend, hooray!

It's Homecoming here at Field College, which means that we get Friday off. Huzzah! This is the only, yes only acknowledgment that I will make of Homecoming. I will not attend the parade. Or the game. Nor did I volunteer to serve on one of the many "faculty teams" that will be competing with students in some games of some sort, or something. I did not donate candy to be thrown at the parade (what the hell? There's not enough litter in the world? Or crap in people's stomachs?). Nor did I volunteer to throw said candy. Tomorrow's "tailgate" will proceed without me.

I confess that I'm somewhat mystified by this whole homecoming phenomenon. Yeah, we did homecoming stuff in high school, but my college didn't have a homecoming. Neither did my grad school (unless I somehow managed to miss it for 7 years, but I don't think so) (did I?) (in which case, it must have been very low-key). But it is evidently a very big deal here. There was even some kind of convocation ceremony today--it might be going on right now, in fact. Giant placards with fraternity and sorority logos have been erected all over campus, most of them decorated with American flags. It all seems a little excessive, and weirdly nationalistic.

But hey! I get a day off. A Friday, at that. So you won't be hearing any complaints from this mihi.

And what, you ask, will I be doing with my long weekend? Well,
  • First, I will be finishing the final revisions of an article. With luck, it will attain Fully Accepted status within the next week or two.
  • I am also doing my laundry.
  • Next week I'm teaching (parts of) two pretty big texts--Virgil and Milton, yes indeedy--so there must needs be some reading that gets itself done, and soon.
  • However! In comp we're doing peer workshopping and individual conferences next week: no prep! Lots and lots of student-paper-commenting-on coming up, but no prep!
  • Batch of one-page papers to grade; shouldn't take too long if I can actually focus.
  • And--the boyfriend is coming to visit, today! He'll be here in a few hours. I must therefore get started on the work, as I plan on doing some not-working while he's here.
I know I've been a little bit lame with the posting lately, but really, there isn't all that much going on. I've done some on-line shopping and now have a new coat and some pants and sweaters. The leaves are finally changing. My classes are going fine. I still need to order books--nay, figure out what we'll be doing--in my *three* sections of comp 2 next semester. I am determined to make this class fun for me; if I have to have 60 comp students, we'd damn well better be reading some good books. Right? At least I have a great lit class to round out my courseload.

And, of course, job applications. Wow. I really forgot all about them for a minute there--that's a major thing on my weekend to-do list. Yikes. Okay, I'll be busier than I thought.

(Oh! Sisyphus! You must email me your address so you can receive a present. heumihi at yahoo dot com. And if anyone else wants presents, I've got two more to give away!)


wil said...

I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now, so I feel like I know you just a little...and since you still have two more presents just sitting there...I'll take one!

Only now I'll have to come up with something really cool to send out myself...

Sisyphus said...

did someone say presents? Ooo! Will send you an email right away.

And you can do it! The stuff _will_ get done! Just think, you can do other stuff while the laundry is going. (that and: you can teach well and be only half prepared.)

What Now? said...

I too have a long weekend related to Homecoming! In my case, it's Monday that we get off, and this is actually not so much because of Homecoming as because of the enormous efforts that the faculty and administration poured into Parents' Weekend on Thursday night and on Friday. Homecoming is apparently always on Parents' Weekend, which makes sense, but I, like you, let these games proceed without me, and am luxuriating in a lovely three-day weekend. I too have a long list of things to be done, not one of which I worked on yesterday -- a deliberate plan on my part not to burn out completely. I'm happy with the results thus far.

Yay for visits with the boyfriend! And yay for the upcoming conference blogger meetup!