Monday, June 29, 2020

Now this is a garden blog: Front yard wildflowers

We have what one might call a "project yard."

We live in the woods, on land with lots of pine trees and seriously depleted, rocky, sandy soil. My husband has taken on the project of growing food-producing plants (fruit trees, raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes, asparagus, herbs) to supplement our lavish CSA.

I've taken on the project of beautification.

I'm not a particularly patient, knowledgeable, or experienced gardener, so my method mostly involves planting things that are supposed to be really hardy, seeing what survives, and then buying more of the same. Sometimes I plant stuff too close together (hello, catmint!), and sometimes the heights or colors don't make much sense. But whatever; my theory is that, like my dissertation did, this garden will come together somehow and eventually be complete.

Luckily, the previous owner planted enormous beds of wildflowers, which I love and which dramatically reduce the amount of work that the yard needs.

So for today's post, I'm going to show you some pictures of the front yard over the last 6 weeks--sort of a time-lapse of its blooming.

April 10, with rainbow: Looking out the front door of our house

April 16: Neighbor's forsythia, snow, nothing much in our yard

May 9, for Pete's sake: some green in our garden; forsythia still going strong

May 21: May apples and day lilies are up

June 10: Lots of tall green business and things are starting to bloom in our yard. Neighbor's rhododendron in full swing. View is from to the left of the front door.

June 14: Looking back from the driveway towards the house.

June 21: Daisies getting ready to bloom. I don't know what the little brightly colored flowers are, but they're everywhere and gorgeous. (Close-up to follow in subsequent post.) View is looking left from the front porch.

June 28: Daisies!

June 29: Much-needed rain and the tiger lilies. That's my kid in the tiger-lily-colored shirt.


Bardiac said...

So beautiful! You're doing a great job!

heu mihi said...

Thanks! This was pretty much already in place, though--I just try to keep some of the particularly obnoxious weeds out (and have started keeping the asters and goldenrod in check). At least I haven't killed it off!

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