Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Year of Living Perfectly

I'll start by saying that the title of this post is tongue in cheek, of course.

Well, mostly. More or less. Because the fact is that I do fantasize about some sort of perfect, purified living--don't we all? Or rather, don't all of us who can enjoy the luxury of doing so while our day-to-day needs are (mostly) met?

And of course I'm playing with the phenomenon of the my-year-of-Xing blogs/books/movies/money-making machines. Who among you, O Bloggers, has not toyed with the idea of developing your own hook and cashing in on the trend? (Probably many, but surely I'm not the only one who's thought about this, albeit in a vague and totally un-committed way.)

So I'm thinking about the new year, which is something that I annually enjoy, and the fact that this is the year in which I turn 40, and that I would very much like to live life the way that I want to live it (within reasonable parameters, of course--one does have duties and obligations) going into this year. In truth, I'm pretty close already. I like my job and my profession. Since moving to Idyll, I've resumed a yoga practice that I had nearly abandoned during my eight years at Field, and regularly attend two classes a week; that feels like plenty during the school year. I like where I live, finally. I don't have any major dysfunctions to address, at least not that I'm aware of.

But there are always the Things That I Wish I Did Every Day. This year I did start working on Latin translations daily--on the days that I'm in the office, that is. But there are also the following:

  • Reading an awful lot more
  • Art/craft-type endeavors (e.g. book-binding, paper-making, more knitting that I already do, book arts)
  • Meditation
  • Maybe other exercise, although I'm pretty happy with my current schedule
  • Writing a heck of a lot more
  • Writing more interesting stuff in my journal
And I have this idea about just diving in completely, getting up early, scheduling the hell out of myself and doing it all. I know that I would hate that and it wouldn't work (I like sleep). But maybe I'll try...something.

To start, though, I'm going to get organized. I'm part of a group this coming semester that has secured funding for (among other things) a writing coach, and she's already helped me to think more productively about how to plan my research and writing. I love this--I love love love organizing things--and I'm excited to jump in. Our first small-group writing retreat is on Tuesday, and I can't wait to get started.

And I am going to read more. Somehow, somewhere, I will fit that in.

More to come. Accountability is another thing that I love love love.


Good Enough Woman said...

I love the idea of a writing group with a coach! I'll be eager to hear how that goes.

heu mihi said...

I make lots of empty promises on this here blog, but I do intend, at least, to talk about the coaching!