Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Maybe I'm ready for the end of the semester, after all

I don't feel like we're only 3.5 weeks from exam period. I don't feel that burnt-out, sick-of-everybody Novemberishness, probably because I spend most of each day alone in my office.

But lately, what I really, really want is a day at home, alone.

No offense to my wonderful husband and son! I love spending time with them. But I haven't had a day at home, alone, since we moved into the house, and...I think I need one.

So maybe I'm ready.

On the other hand, the pile of undone work frightens me, and I want to hold off on semester's end until it's smaller, at least.

Well. Three-point-five weeks. I should get to it, I guess.


Good Enough Woman said...

One of my very favorite things about sabbatical is having days home alone. I will miss such days terribly when this semester is over.

Here's hoping you get one soon!

heu mihi said...

Thanks! I should have a few in December and January--husband works Tues/Thurs, and son will be in school for the better part of my break....