Saturday, October 10, 2015

TM is really TM, now

In her comment on my last post, What Now? quite sensibly asked what TM's new field is, since he left his tenured position to follow me to my new job.

Well! TM is now...a minister! --Which is sort of funny/ironic, since TM stands for The Minister, the sort of tongue-in-cheek nickname (used only on the blog) that I gave him when I met him back in 2007 and we were both new VAPs at Field.

So he's really a minister, at a UCC congregation in a nearby town, and I, surreally, find myself a minister's wife. (Not that that means much of anything--but someone did ask me a couple of weeks ago if I were "the minister's wife." Life takes us on strange paths, doesn't it?)

A couple of weeks ago, following his selection by the search committee, he preached a sermon before the congregation, who then voted him in as their new part-time senior minister. Tomorrow is his first sermon as a their full-fledged pastor.

He has not entirely left academia, however, and there may be some very good adjuncting possibilities around here (that would allow him to teach his field much better than he could at Field). And hurrah for being a two-income household again!


What Now? said...

Oh good, I'm so glad that TM is also finding good career opportunities in your new area -- hurrah for both of you!

undine said...

Congratulations to TM! Who knew you had such predictive powers in giving him a pseudonym?