Friday, June 19, 2015

Everything costs money

  • Daycare enrollment: $534 deposit
  • First round of earnest money on new house: $500
  • Inspection of new house, including radon and radon-in-the-water testing: $835
  • Anticipated closing costs on current house: $534, plus we've agreed to pay the buyer's share (including inspections) to the tune of about $1100
  • Ice cream to celebrate selling the house: $10.24
I think that's it for today.

(And we're selling the house without an agent, so really, we're saving something along the lines of $8000--also, we got our asking price, provided we cover the buyer's closing costs! So while the out-of-pocket feels pretty intense right now, everything is going as well as could be expected. Thank goodness we have the cash to cover all the little things. Especially the ice cream.)


Good Enough Woman said...

Congrats on selling the house!

What Now? said...

Wonderful news all the way around! (other than the cash outlay, of course.) It sounds like the transition is going well for you all! (awfulness with Field College aside, perhaps)

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Oh god... The expense of buying/selling houses is insane. It's great that you're able to do it without an agent. Saving money anywhere you can is awesome.

I was so stupid when I was pregnant with my first kid. I thought the most expensive thing about having children would be things like diapers. What no one tells you is that daycare is THE most expensive thing about having a child. It's absurd. But even if a person never worked and didn't use childcare, there are so many hidden expenses of having children. It's amazing how stupid I was about it. But oh well. I still think daycare is well worth it. I just hate how it puts such a drain on finances.