Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Here We Are: Another Morning

It's 8:18 am; the magnolia is in full bloom outside the living room windows. A cloudy morning. TM and Bonaventure left a few minutes ago.

B has a terrible new habit of coming into our room at 5:15 or 5:30 and getting into bed with us. Today he did manage to fall back asleep, but he did so sort of draped over me and/or shoving me off to the very edge of the bed, so I didn't sleep much, or deeply, after that. It's hard when you've got a leg wrapped around your neck, or an elbow in your ribs. (TM kindly took over breakfast prep when we finally got up, at a quarter of seven, so I got another half-hour or so of sleep.)

Milk is cooling for yoghurt on the stovetop. The dishwasher is running. I may or may not have to wash the diapers today.

I have three hours and forty minutes, roughly, until Bonaventure comes home. I should have a little time to work this afternoon--Tuesdays and Thursdays are "my" afternoons, while TM watches him--but I can't always count on that.

On the docket: Work on blending my talk back into my chapter (this kind of work is always so confusing, and such a chore. I have to retrace all my revisions and figure out if each of them works in the long version); go for a run; shower; practice the cello. Read an essay or, better, two.

All is not lost. All is not lost. There are weeks yet, and then the summer!

And in the meantime, this is my view (actually taken in April 2011, during our first spring in this house):


Good Enough Woman said...

I am going to be on sabbatical in the fall. It won't be very restful since I feel the need to complete the PhD thesis or get VERY CLOSE to completion (because it's clear I cannot get much thesis work done when I'm teaching my 4/4 and raising my kids), but I still wish you could visit me and be my sabbatical mentor. My sabbatical sensei, to to speak. I've always been amazed by the balance you achieve between family, creativity, and productivity. And I hope to have some sense of a "sabbath"and balance even as I work my ass off on the thesis.

And that is a lovely view!

Good Enough Woman said...

*so to