Sunday, June 29, 2014

Back at it

After almost three weeks away, and three weeks of adamantly not working (and lots of fun, and many great visits with great people, and WAY too much time in the car, esp. with a two-year-old), it's time to get back to work.

In keeping with my businesslike attitude, this post shall be brief and bulleted. Goals for the week:

  • 3 hours of weeding/gardening (I have a lot to say about weeding, and my terrible attitude towards it, and its inevitability despite my attitude. Maybe I'll say some of it sometime)
  • outline of chapter 1
  • 1000 words toward chapter 1 (describe the project, basically--I did this really well over Thai food on Wednesday, and I'd like to capture whatever it is I said)
  • print pictures for B's second-year album
  • clean car
  • schedule oil change
  • yoga x 3
  • plan little summer class (it's like 1 hour long)
  • read L (a book that I should have read for, like, my dissertation. What's wrong with me? I'm such a fraud)
  • clean desk -- that one's almost done! It'll involve sewing some little pads onto toddler slippers, and making decisions about coupons, and filing a tape in the basement tape holder, and that's just about it.
I'm not counting the weeks anymore, though, because that would get depressing. Classes start August 27. I have ages.

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Good Enough Woman said...

Happy first day of class!