Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Getting better

So we more or less got the daycare situation worked out--we have less coverage for slightly more money, but it's fine, and we're able to go to classes without the baby.

The refrigerator door is holding strong. The garage door still usually won't close unless you push it shut, but that's no big deal. The cat is healthy again (although the other cat continues to pee in inappropriate places). We replaced the broken blender part and the broken wipes warmer part. We're hanging in there.

And I've only graded at home once, so that resolution is mostly working out.

I pretty much stopped working on my own writing for about two weeks there, however. I'm trying to start up again this week. Scratch that--I am starting up again this week, since I've actually done some reading and writing more or less every day since Sunday.

I don't know how to add one of those little meters on the sidebar of my blog, and I absolutely cannot be bothered to find out, so I'll just say that I have now written about 4,200 words of Book Two, and I got a good idea (I hope) for another chapter/half chapter last night. (I mean, I have chapter ideas, but they're not all very fleshed out; I'm a process writer, or something. I have a plan, but I mostly just have to start working and trust that it will all come together; if I wait until I truly know where I'm going, I'll be in the position that I've been in for the last three years: idly jotting down disconnected notes and imaging that I'll write another book some day.)

So here goes. I had a lot more faith in my dissertation, frankly, but it had a tidier structure (one chapter per author) than I want to go with this time around. Anyway, I don't need a second book for...well, anything at Field (I don't need a first book, in fact), so I'm free to plug away and see what happens.

--Unfortunately, I was asked to be on what promises to be a super dull and annoying search committee today, and I didn't have the wherewithal to say no. And so it goes.


Dr. Koshary said...

The writing meters with 'funny' little pictures mostly annoy me. I generally opt for a simple meter that I get here:

Congrats on the sundry home repairs, and your return to good habits!

heu mihi said...

Thanks! Of course, they fall apart catastrophically this weekend, when TM went to a conference out of town and Bonaventure to reduce his naps to 37 minutes and wake up roughly every 45 minutes all night long. (That's a slight exaggeration on the night-sleep. No exaggeration on the napping.)

If I'm awake in class tomorrow, we'll call the day a success.