Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Is this blog dead?

OK, so. I haven't posted on this blog since May, people. Have I stopped blogging? Well, de facto, yes. But that doesn't mean that I've done so forever, or anything. Clearly, I still read blogs. And comment on them.

And I really don't feel like a big announcement is in order either way.

So I'll just tell you about some things that happened today:

1) I was quite cranky this morning, feeling stressed and struggling. We're in the third week of classes, and already Bonaventure has had a cold, then an ear infection which meant that he had to come to class with me, and then TM had some kind of flu this week. It's been rough.

2) But Bonaventure came home from his half-day in day care (we pick him up at 12:30, because he still nurses and will NOT nap without a nurse) in the sweetest mood ever. After his nap, we were sitting together looking out his window, and he was still being super-sweet. I kept kissing his little cheek, because it's so soft and perfect, and then I said, "Do you want to give Mama a kiss?", and then, "You have no idea what that means, do you?" But he smiled a little bit, leaned over, and pressed his lovely little lips to my cheek. My day was made. My whole year may have been made, in fact.

3) And later in the day, while TM and I were both hanging out with him, he stood up all by himself in the middle of the room and took his first steps. I'm so happy that we were both there for that!

4) I may actually and for real be co-taking a group of students to England for Spring Break. With an almost-all-inclusive travel company, which is pretty much the only way that I'd be able to stand such a thing, let alone be excited about it.

5) I just had my first taste of homemade peach ice cream made from OUR OWN PEACHES, which have been growing in WILD abundance from the peach tree TM planted 2.5 years ago. We've put up 4 gallons of sliced peaches, made sorbet and ice cream, and given away many dozen--and are still drowning in the unbelievably delicious suckers. My God. I'm teaching The Iliad, and I now have a very vivid image of the ambrosial nectar with which Athena sustains Achilles when he's hunting Hector. My goodness. I used to like peaches; now I know them to be divine.

And now I need to go get Bonaventure's lunch ready. Else we will never get out the door tomorrow.


Dr. Koshary said...

#2 is overwhelmingly cute, even without #3 following. Dude.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Awww!! So cute. I love babies.

When as had fruit trees at our old house, we were always drowning in oranges, lemons, plums, and quinces. There was nothing we could do about it! We never used as much as we grew.

Belle said...

Oooh, look who's posted! You've been missed, but I am glad Bonaventure is doing so well (pics?). And I do envy you your peaches. Fresh, homegrown fruit... yum!

What Now? said...

Despite all of the sickness of the last couple of weeks, it sounds like life is going so well -- happy, happy!