Thursday, January 3, 2013

And now for something less fuzzy

OK, I was totally sincere in my last post. But I do actually have some more tangible, ordinary things that I'd like to work on this year. They're not interesting, but I like account-a-blogging, and for some reason I like reading other people's to-do lists and whatnot, so here goes: I'm sharing my boring bourgie goals for 2013. Brace yourselves!

  1. Get Bonaventure sleeping on his own, in his crib, and--eventually--through the night. This needs to start happening immediately. In fact, it has started happening! We initiated Phase One of the Ferber method (please refrain from freaking out over sleep training in the comments, please) tonight. I've been worried and anxious about it for days. Would I be able to withstand the crying? Well, I don't want to jinx it, but so far, so good. He was asleep in 15 minutes. Now to start working on the 4+ night feedings....
    1. Subnote: If you're considering sleep training, do not cruise the interwebs for advice. You'll just find people telling you that letting your baby cry at all is torture and teaches him that he's unlovable. To which I say, if that's true, I've already done it, because the dude cries about half the time that he's in the car, when we really can't stop to pick him up and reassure him. I can't see that there's any difference between that and crying in the crib. And he's a very happy, sweet, secure little guy. So that's all just hooey. (Not saying that sleep training is an unqualified good--just that the critics are in some cases a little low in credibility.)
  2. Revise Stupid Article into something potentially publishable. Step One: Come up with a better nickname for it than "Stupid Article."
  3. Apply for a research course release for next year--which will mean more clearly articulating my research plans.
  4. Write Kalamzoo paper--for I am planning to skip graduation this year and take my family to Kalamazoo! Hooray!
  5. Do some mothertrucking yoga again, good God. I've lost all my pregnancy weight and then some, but I'm not in any kind of shape, and my back is getting wacky from all the baby-tending. I'd also like to swim again sometimes, if the pool's opening hours are at all convenient. 
That's all I can think of. At least two of these things absolutely have to happen, and two are very concrete, so I don't really know that they count as "resolutions." But the secret, buried resolution lurking beneath 2-4 is really to recommit to my scholarship. That's the key thing. Wish me luck!

And happy new year (slightly belatedly) to all!

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