Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life is better now

  • I spent all of last night breathing. And sleeping. But I'm happiest about the breathing. The cold is on the mend!
  • Because I feel better, I'm able to do laundry and various other minor tasks today. This brings me great peace. Eliminating the germy feeling generated by the cold helps me to believe that the cold is really going away.
  • Classes end on Wednesday! Only two more teaching days until January! Hooray, maternity leave!
  • I can't really believe that I'm not teaching in the fall. My hope is that I'll be bored to death and ready to return to campus after 9 months of domestic duty. (And working on the bibliographic essay that I haven't started.)
  • I have a slightly better idea, now, of what I'm supposed to talk about on that PBS panel that I'm going to be on. That's Wednesday. So I'm extra glad that the cold is fading; maybe my nose won't be all red and peeling by then.
  • I have very little actual schoolwork to do this weekend. What I ought to do is work on my "article," but I kind of feel like puttering around the house, instead. I suppose I could do both.
  • Only downside: The weather is cool and rainy, and my most comfortable maternity clothes are all summery dresses. Well, TM and the garden are happy about the raininess, so I'll manage.

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Sisyphus said...

It's the end of the semester... rest up and putter around if need be. (and if you still don't feel like you deserve it, do something relaxing on my behalf as I have a major grading push to get through this weekend.)