Saturday, November 5, 2011

Grand and glorious plans

So, in my strangely refreshed state, I have lots of Schemes for the Day. Things I want to Do. For I actually don't have too much homework (of the prep/grading variety), and so maybe I could get some of the other stuff accomplished?

Id est:
  1. Read thoroughly enjoyable chapter for first-year seminar.
  2. Read less interesting chapters for comp.
  3. Figure out an activity for Monday's comp to replace the fun-but-useless activity that I usually do on that day. (I already have an idea, I just have to get a few things together for it.)
  4. Finish writing my colloquium talk (so, so close).
  5. Yoga.
  6. Work on promotion binder (requires going to office, alas, but mostly just involves photocopying and printing).
  7. Vacuum.
  8. Greek homework.
  9. Read article for upper-level seminar.
  10. Grade first-year seminar journals.
  11. Finish laundry.
Hm. Well, now I'm depressed. That's a lot of...stuff, and more on the prep end than I expected. Realistically, though, most of these items shouldn't take me very long, so the depression is fleeting.

You know what's really depressing? Picking up three different batches of papers on Monday. Why did I do that to myself? This isn't the first time this semester, either. Normally I'm pretty good at staggering grading, but this semester I clearly did nothing to synchronize my syllabi. We also have Big On-Campus Events Monday and Tuesday nights (the Monday night event having been organized by Me), so the week promises to be pretty hectic.

Well. Fine. Most of the stuff on that list isn't so bad, and some of it will even be fun. Time to think cheerful thoughts! It's a beautiful day (for sitting inside working)! I am still in my bathrobe! Consider the pleasure of checking things off! Yay! Go go go!

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