Monday, August 1, 2011

[Sigh] revision.

Long gap in blogging here due to a semi-chaotic family visit and a very sick kitty. Family left on Saturday. Kitty is still sick, but somewhat better (down from a very high fever into sneezing and snuffles). There really is nothing more pathetic than a sick cat.

So anyway, with all that settling down, I got back into my article this weekend. A few weeks ago, I read it over in hard copy (my preferred late-stage revision mode), made a few edits, and thought that it was just about ready to go. This weekend, I reread it, and did this:

Might I just say, Augh!!

Now pardon me, please, while I go type those notes up before I lose the ability to read them.


Sisyphus said...

Yup, sounds like what I do! At least this means a lot of work is getting done on it! (If you don't, you know, change your mind and put it all back, in which case you would be writing exactly like me.)

Anonymous said...

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