Monday, April 25, 2011

Why do they do this to me?????

Here's what I hate more than anything in grading--more even than "since the dawn of time" intro-sentences:

When a student who has been doing really good work--like, earning an A despite being a non-major, participating in discussion every day, and coming to see me about papers and all that other solid stuff--plagiarizes some stupid sentence in practically the last assignment of the semester--an assignment for which, I might add, there were plenty of options, so zie didn't even need to pick this particular (and difficult) poem to write on.

Don't you haaaaate that?

According to my policy, I need to fail this student. For the course. A student I really like, a lot. I hate that!

Well, I mean, first I'll hear hir out, and perhaps there's some perverse misunderstanding of "ethical research" here, but...argh! WHY???? Dude, if you didn't understand the poem, you could've come to my office hours, and I swear I would've just explained it to you. ARGHHHHH.


J. said...

When I was a college student, I would occasionally realize that I had subconsciously typed a sentence almost identical to a sentence in a source -- by "subconsciously," I mean that I was reading, writing, reading, writing, and then I would get lost in the information and carelessly forget to paraphrase. That may sound weird. Anyhow, I usually caught myself when I double checked citations, but just in case I missed a phrase or something, I started running my papers through online plagiarism checkers. Anyways, all I mean to say is that a plagiarized sentence may have been unintentional. Good luck resolving this.

heu mihi said...

Thanks, Juliet--I really hope that that's what this is, in part because--quite selfishly--I like this student so much! And I honestly can't imagine why s/he would've plagiarized here; s/he's solid in the class (and easily could've chosen a different--easier--topic to write on).

I'll hear him/her out tomorrow morning, at any rate!

Mon said...

Hate it and can't really make excuses for it. Quotation marks are easy to type. Sorry you have this to deal with in your end of the semester business.

Anonymous said...

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