Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shop in Haste?

I just ordered a bunch of stuff from here. I didn't mean to order as much as I did. But every time I checked my shopping bag, something else was out of stock, so I finally hit "check-out" in a panic, and now I'm hoping that I don't live to regret the almost-$250 I just dropped (in my book, that's a lot to spend on clothes).

On the other hand, we bought our house in haste, and it is a delightful treasure! --And with that ever-so-natural segue, I shall finally (FINALLY) put up the rest of my house pictures, since I'm sure you've been dying to see them.

The kitchen:

(With skylights!)

The bedroom:

The basement (not terribly exciting, but it is mostly finished):

The wine cellar:

And...the bathroom. Admire! Admire! This sucker took me like a WEEK to paint.

Note the Gothic cathedral theme: gold stars on a dark blue ceiling, corners that are suggestive of a dome, a gargoyle, the candle-holder. Here's the power switch (I cut out God to make room for the switches):

And here are some little pictures I put up (I paid $0.60 for all four frames, and the images came from medieval conference CFPs and catalogues). What puzzles me is that people always tell us how cute our bathroom is; apparently they haven't noticed the bleeding Christ or the suicidal woman.

Funnily enough, we are daily tormented by a cardinal who is determined to fly through the window of the bathroom. As TM remarked, "It stands to reason that the cardinal would seek entry into the Gothic cathedral, no?"


Carin said...

OMG your bathroom is the Ste. Chapelle! I love it!

Notorious Ph.D. said...

I love your bedroom! And I can only imagine how difficult those upper corners were to tape, pre-painting. Bonus: "I cut out God to make room for the switches" nearly made me spit my coffee.

Spanish prof said...

That bathroom is impressive!!!!
Lately, what I have to refrain myself from is and Ruelala. Those are killers.

squadratomagico said...

I, too, was amused at the "cut out God to make room for the switches" line. How.... unceremonious of you.

That ceiling is gorgeous! Love the stars and the blue! And I assume the corner detail is a trompe l'oeil? It works so well!

undine said...

"Admire"--we are admiring! You can look up and see stars as you shower!

the rebel lettriste said...

That is a bitchin' bathroom.

I also admire the wine cellar.

heu mihi said...

rebel--TM will appreciate that. The cellar (or "cave" as we call it, but with a French accent) is his pride and joy.

squadrato--yes, it *is* a trompe l'oeil! Thank you for noticing! I made all the stencils myself.

Spanish prof--I must check those out. Or maybe I mustn't. Hm.

Carin--YES, Ste. Chapelle is actually what I had in mind! I even thought about putting in illusory red columns in the corners...but decided that that could get ugly really fast.

Notorious--that's what comes of marrying a Protestant theologian. When I showed him the image that I proposed for the switchplate, he said (not wholly in earnest) that he had theological objections to images of God the Father; snip snip went the scissors, and God is now represented by his light-bearing properties.

And undine--Thank you! It is quite refreshing, I must say.

What Now? said...

Oh, so charming all the way around! Your bought-in-haste house is lovely indeed.

Dr. Koshary said...

Love it, love it! Everything is gorgeous, and you even have a caaaaaaahve for your wine!

Huge bonus points for a light-hearted, yet theologically informed approach to the light switch. I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read that line.

Anonymous said...

Total ADMIRE! So gorgeous and aesthetically perfect, all of it.

I'm going to be laughing about the cardinal trying to get into the cathedral all day. ;)

Belle said...

Oh, I may have to do that in my bathroom too! What a lovely idea! Great house - congrats!

Sisyphus said...

This is all so gorgeous, and impressive! I love all the beautiful paint jobs!!!!! And the brick wine cellar --- lah di dah! (All you need is to brick up a few of your enemies in the walls there and cover them over with casks of amontillado and you're set!)

heu mihi said...

There is, in fact, a lock on the door to the cave....

Good Enough Woman said...

I just love it. Love it! And I once dated a Protestant Theologian, so I get it!

What I want to know is how you get a husband to let you use so many pretty colors. My husband is all about neutrals. But he is not a theologian. He is a motorcycle-riding, Denver Broncos-loving engineer/math instructor.

I love your whole house.

S.E.B & J.A.D. said...


It's a lovely house. I just loved that Gothic style. I would like to do that at home but I don't have enough money to have success... what can I do to improve my house's views without money?

Anonymous said...

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