Monday, November 15, 2010

OMG paint. PAINT!

I've been painting walls.

Five rooms down. One to go.

We move in less than two weeks.


In related news, I now have the coolest bathroom EVER. Gothic cathedral theme, anyone?

(Apologies for incoherence. Once we've actually moved in--LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!--there will be pictures. And someday I might have a thought in my head again; right now, all I yearn for is an end to classes and an end to painting.)

(I do miss blogging, I think. There will be more of it in the future.)


P said...

so, you're painting the place you're leaving or are you painting the place into which you will shortly move?

Can't wait to see pictures. I recall your house (pre-marriage) had beautiful colorsl

squadratomagico said...

Yay, Paint! And even more: Yay Gothic Cathedral Bathroom!!

Sisyphus said...

Pictures!!!! PICTURES!!!!!

I can't believe you aren't blogging the entire packing/cleaning/painting/moving process! You know I love to hear all those details! (and if you didn't now you do.)

Dr. Koshary said...

I miss you too, Heu! I'm digging through your archive in the meantime: Sisyphus alerted me to your whole series on writing an effective book prospectus. (Skim my blog if you need to catch up. Don't bother reading the whole thing unless you're trying to delay the end of a lunch break or something.)

Belle said...

Well, I'm sorry but I totally need pictures of a gothic bathroom - which I'm picturing as either awash in stained glass/colors or start and stony. Painted ceiling? With stars??