Friday, February 5, 2010

Party Time

I love my husband, and I love our evenings together. But it is kind of fun to have a night alone now and again, isn't it?

He's got a dinner thing tonight and I do not. So! Here's what's on the agenda:

Cook up a pot of spaghetti and my favorite sauce-from-a-jar (Newman's Own Sockarooni).
Eat too much spaghetti, drink wine, and watch back episodes of "30 Rock."
Throughout, cuddle kitties.
Put on pajamas and read some stuff until he gets home.

It's funny how sauce-from-a-jar seems like a special secret treat. It's so declasse: a guilty indulgence. And that just tells you something about the fantastic-fancy cooking guy I married.


meg said...

Oh, yeah, that's what I do when Special K has evening plans (with specifics slightly altered -- frozen mac & cheese and *Project Runway*, cat singular).

There's no one I'd rather spend time with than Himself, but I do love it when I have the house to myself of an evening.


Good Enough Woman said...

My hubby has plans to go camping with his brother tomorrow. I have been looking forward to getting the kids to bed early and then enjoying a quiet house for a night (quiet except for TV noises). But now the rain might keep him home!

I hope you enjoyed the spaghetti and the Tina Fey time!

Maude said...

I love Sockarooni! It's my favorite of the canned sauces out there. It is a nice special treat. It sounds like you had a wonderful evening!

J. Otto Pohl said...

Maybe its because I am a man, but when Oksana goes to Talas to visit her mother it is cool to be a bachelor again for a couple of hours at most. Then the flat starts to fall apart, I am bored out of my mind after work, and malnutrition starts to become a possible issue. Gamburgers are not meant to be the principle form of nurishment for anybody.

Anonymous said...

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heu mihi said...

Research Writer: I agree that making my musings on Sockarooni and kitty cuddling more readily available WILL be an asset to all, and am convinced that you are not spam. Oh yes.

J. Otto Pohl: Luckily, my spouse (who is largely responsible for the delicious cooking and the fire-building in this house--I used to feed myself, but how?) was only gone for a couple of hours. I had barely settled into my second episode of "30 Rock" when he came home. Boredom, cold house, and paltry nutrition avoided! (And hello, welcome!)