Sunday, June 14, 2009

How to Scare Yourself

1) Have a doctor express a mild concern about your heart.
2) Give yourself an uncharacteristic attack of heartburn.

(This works even better if you've got a hypochondriac mother whose anxieties you can channel at will.)

Really, other than my panicky little freak-out this morning (and since Rolaids took care of the chest pain, I'm pretty sure I'm okay), I'm not particularly worried--in fact, I'm more annoyed about having to pay a big deductible plus 20% of subsequent costs for the tests I'm having than I am concerned about my "condition." Thanks for all the nice comments to the last post, though! I'll let you all know how things turn out...once I actually meet with the cardiologist on August 26 to discuss the test results. And yes, this is the earliest I could get in--the other two options were a day when I'll be in France and the day that I leave for my wedding.

(By the way, Belle--we'll be in Paris from 7/16-19 or so. And Sis--send me this legendary list of patisseries!)


Belle said...

For my money, the best croissants are on the Ile St Louis, just off the Pont Marie, across from the post office. Around the corner from the great ice cream place.

heu mihi said...

Thanks! I must make a note of it.

Sisyphus said...

You must not simply make a note of it, you must provide delicious reviews of all the delicacies and hopefully add pictures!

And chocolate! Do not forget the chocolate!

Dr. Virago said...

I *love* the croissants and bread at Erik Kayser (yeah, not a French name, but don't let it fool you); the pastries are excellent as well. You can find one of his boulangeries and one of his patisseries a few doors down from each other in the 5th, on Rue Monge. Web site: